New York City


Project Manager at Gabellini Sheppard Associates


The former Milford Hotel’s public spaces were transformed into a new urban plaza, Row NYC, designed to capture the vibrant spirit of New York. 

Embracing the hotel’s lineage and location at the doorstep of Times Square, the formerly private lobby is transformed into a new urban gathering place from which guests can begin to anticipate their New York experience. The interior is not dressed up but rather imbued with a sense of refined grittiness, which is evident in the lobby materials.

The lower entrance walls and floors are finished in concrete including a grand entry staircase that connects the two lobby levels. Complementing the concrete are four columns at the main staircase and feature wall finished in Corten steel. The shimmering screen of coiled metal mesh behind the framed windows enhances the welcoming glow of the entryway. Walls are finished in textured architectural plaster in various muted shades, evocative of the urban canvas. Uniting the entire space is a canopy of wooden planks composed of stained poplar. Distinct contemporary furnishings as well as custom designs complement the expressive yet relaxed environment.

Famed video artist Yorgo Alexospoulous was commissioned to create a digital art installation, further capturing the urban pulse within the lobby. Two large LED screens on either side of the mirror-polished reception desks project an abstract urban tableau for various sequences of custom animations.

The rough, artisanal materials of Row NYC represent the authentic experience of New York. Embodying the vibrant metropolis, the identity of Row NYC has been reshaped to reflect the contemporary lifestyle and the evolving narrative that is Manhattan.



Photo credit: Michael Kleinberg